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If you have been inspired by My Father's War to share YOUR stories of military service in ANY generation - or a family or community story - please share it here. Your words may inspire others to share their experiences. Thats how we spread healing, understanding, and the joy of storytelling. Please enter your name and email to be sure we receive your story and to give permission for it to be published on this website. Thank you - these stories need to be remembered for generations to come.
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Praise for My Father's War

"My Father's War engages the heart and mind with humor, beauty, and a deep humanity. It is healing and cathartic for veterans and community members."  Pamela Mumby Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practioner


 "My Father's War has an integrity in which we can honor our veterans and find the healing from war that is too little offered in our culture."  Todd Donatelli Dean at The Cathedral of All Souls Episcopal Church, Asheville, NC

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